Florida Braces for Impacts of Major Hurricane Matthew

Matthew VIS

Hurricane Matthew has intensified and is now a Category 4 storm with maximum sustained winds of 140 mph. This hurricane has already caused significant damage in Haiti and the Bahamas and could strengthen even further over the next 12 hours as it heads for Florida.

Voluntary and mandatory evacuations have been ordered by Florida Gov. Rick Scott for coastal and low lying areas as the effects of Matthew are expected to begin later this evening. Damaging winds, heavy rainfall, isolated tornadoes, and surge flooding are all potential threats.

Threats with Hurricane Matthew

Potential threats associated with Hurricane Matthew Via NWS Melbourne

Starting late tonight, the eye of Matthew will be very close to the east coast of Florida. This hurricane is expected to stay close to the coast through Friday night. Any slight deviation in Matthew’s track could mean a potential landfall. If you live along Florida’s east coast or Georgia’s coast, you need to be preparing now for serious impacts and taking all evacuation orders seriously. It is important to have enough supplies to last you and your family (including pets) at least three days should you lose electricity and/or water. Check with local authorities or media regarding evacuation orders.

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